Michael Dell: Endless Days | Suter Gallery

May 28, 2020


Michael Dell’s exhibition Endless Days opened at the Suter Art Gallery on Saturday (23rd May) and will run until October 4, 2020.

“Michael Dell’s artworks display a fascination with, but unwillingness to elevate, the ordinary. In their rejection of drama, an easy narrative, or the fetishisation of the artist’s hand, his enigmatic artworks are more memories than representational landscapes or abstract meditations on form..  Dell is both a magician and a surgeon, creating works that are at once intimate and distant. His work is eerie, with their softened focus they often appear as grainy photographic negatives or worn slides from the middle of the last century. These quiet and monochromatic paintings and drawings appear as degraded relics of a mechanical process but are in fact meticulously created and then eroded away by the artist.”.
 – The Suter Art Gallery

More information can be found here