Peter Miller | Time Machine

Peter Miller | Time Machine

Time machine

Some things in life leave an indelible mark. The mark may be from an environment, a place visited, an object, an action by another person or numerous other varied things that may leave a strong enough residue to sit deep within the human psyche. These things become triggers for revisiting a moment, taking us back to a memory, a place or person/people or perhaps to a feeling or sensation. The marks carry an unrecognised strength, the strength to take us back through the back catalogue of forgotten memories to a moment in time that was perhaps forgotten or even suppressed.

Many of the paintings within this exhibition may not be a direct trigger for an isolated memory, although for some viewers they may be. Generally, they will more likely be carriers of a sense of nostalgia and take the viewer into a time warp where they may reflect on aspects of their lives, in the process witnessing the vanishing act that time plays with our existence.

Peter Miller was born in the Waikato (1955) and has exhibited frequently throughout New Zealand since the mid-90s. He won the prestigious Molly Morpeth Canady Art Award in 2014 and his exhtibions have been favourably reviewed by Herald critic TJ Mcnamara who recently remarked: Peter Miller has made quite a reputation as a painter of still-life; old toys were a memorable part of his subject matter… his paintings showed his skill with colour and his exceptional draughtsmanship.”  Miller was included in Warwick Brown’s landmark book “Seen This Century, A collectors guide: 100 Contemporary New Zealand Artists”  and his work is held in public, private and corporate collections across Europe, USA and Australasia.