Aotearoa Art Fair

Aotearoa Art Fair

Föenander Galleries is thrilled to participate in the Aotearoa Art Fair from 18-21 April.
For this year’s Fair, we are presenting new works by:

Gavin Chai
Lottie Consalvo
박성환 Sung Hwan Bobby Park
Nick Herd
Roger Mortimer

The presentation has a strong emphasis on emerging and early career artists – with each of these contemporary practitioners being renowned for their exceptional skill and strong conceptual foundation.  While their practices are diverse, themes in the work proposed work for the fair explore the human connection to nature, desire, belonging, loss and the ungraspable.Each artist in their own way navigates the intricate interplay of identity, selfhood – and the subsequent impact of personal identity on the external world.

Aotearoa Art Fair, 18-21 April,
Booth G14, Viaduct Events Center
Artist Talk: Lottie Consalvo 3pm, Friday 19 April
Interactive Booth Project: Sung Hwan Bobby Park 10.30am, Friday 19 April


Contact the gallery for the full list of AAF works