Paul Woodruffe

Paul Woodruffe has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. He is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries at Unitec and has continued to work as an artist since 1981. Throughout the years, he has been selected as a finalist in many of New Zealand’s top art awards such as the Waikato Art Award, The National Portrait Award the Team Macmillan BMW Art Awards as well as having been commissioned for public artworks both in Auckland and Vienna. His works are in many public, private, and corporate collections across NZ, Australia, UK, USA, and Germany including several works in The Wallace Art Trust Collection.

Woodruffe works primarily in resin, oils on canvas and in small scale sculpture. His work attempts to explain what it is like to live as a European migrant in the South Pacific, especially Aotearoa and what makes a particular landscape, object, or concept significant to that experience. He has a strong interest in the use of pigments and pattern and their ability to facilitate storytelling through accidental or intended transference into human experience.

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