Oliver Cain

Oliver Cain is an English/ New Zealand Artist. His work covers a broad range of topics and is made from many different materials. His early works are highly floral which influenced later work upon moving to New Zealand. Cain embraced the new visual culture available to him and his work reflects the New Zealand images that imprinted on him as a young man: New Zealand may be a young country, but it is rich in culture and heritage I am trying to portray the images that struck me when arriving here. The symmetry of these designs all show the harmony of how our culture embraces different aspects of our heritage.”

More recent work has touched on more confronting or challenging issues around homosexuality and the experiences facing the queer community. Oliver pushes ideas and feelings around using different materials, adding a more physical and tactile feel to the work. ​His work is playful and seemingly light-hearted, with serious undertones. He enjoys pushing the viewer into an uncomfortable space but not over the edge – wanting them to experience something different or step back and to think about a topic in a different light. 

Oliver has work held in The Wallace Arts Trust Collection; received the 2020 Craig’s Investment Partners Award- Molly Morpeth Canaday; won the Eden Arts Art School Award 2019; won both the Tuatara Ceramic Award, as well as the Overall Supreme Award in the ECC NZ Student Design and Craft Awards 2019 and has had work in Sculpture Onshore 2018 & 2021.