Joy Chang

Joy Chang is already well on her way to enjoying an incredibly successful career. While Chang has spent a large part of her life living in Auckland, she is currently based in Taiwan completing an artist residency. In 2009, Chang graduated from Elam with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and subsequently completing a Masters’ Degree in Painting at London’s world renowned Slade School of Fine Art in 2011.

Chang’s work explores the shifting boundaries of cultural identity and the role of the individual against the back drop of globalisation and ever increasing virtual spaces. Rather than examining the real-life effects of time and place, Chang’s abstracted landscapes create worlds which cannot be tied to any particular temporal or physical environment – emphasising openness to the viewer’s interpretation.

Chang absorbs and isolates pockets of colour, form and texture for use as source material. From these basic building blocks, she begins to construct possible worlds. The process begins with basic geometric shapes and prismatic forms which are then repeated, distorted and extended across the surface, with each new shape informing the next. Through this process of building, erasing and adding Chang explores relationships between colour, form and space and the individual’s relationship to the whole

Joy has collaborated with Hermės and her work features in many public, private and corporate collections across NZ, Asia and Europe, including Auckland’s Wallace Art Trust Collection.