Emma Bass

Emma Bass is an Auckland based artist was born in Liberia, West Africa. Emma went to live in London in the early 1990s where she fell in love with photography at the Camera Club in Leicester Square. On her return to New Zealand, Emma became one of that country’s most adaptable commercial photographers, working freelance for over 20 years and winning awards. Her diverse portfolio is a testament to her compassionate, yet thorough, approach.

Emma’s floral portraits explore the nature of beauty. Lusciously seductive, the striking compositions also deliver a sharp bite of reality. In a world obsessed with perfection, these portraits of flora ‘on the turn’, or augmented with paint and objects find beauty in decline and demise, questioning the authenticity of enhancements. Emma explains, “I want to challenge our concept of beauty. For me, Imperfect frames reality; the flaws themselves are beautiful. In Embellish, I draw on the style of the Dutch Masters – and question the value of illusion.”

Emma’s work is held in The Wallace Arts Trust